10 Great Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding over a Traditional One

1. Resort weddings cost you so much less than traditional weddings!

2. Your wedding celebration lasts all week long instead of just one day

3. A Romantic ceremony in a spectacular (perhaps tropical?) setting

4. An opportunity for a family reunion vacation

5. Can include or be extended to include your Honeymoon

6. Endless exciting activities for your guests to enjoy

7. No limos, tuxes or D.J’s to rent or hire

8. Exotic, out-of-the ordinary wedding photos

9. Your guests need a vacation too!

10. PEACE OF MIND. You consult with the resort’s designated Wedding Coordinator and they look after all the details for you!

See Travel Only to learn all about planning your perfect wedding, dream honeymoon, or both.

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  1. September 12, 2010

    This article really gave me some food for thought for my clients when we have conversations about their weddings! I love point 8 and 9!

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