Pets and Weddings

Pet in WeddingsRarely do we hear of pets playing an important role in wedding ceremonies, but as the world of weddings would attest, there have been weddings known to put pets on the spotlight, from being part of an “alternative” bridal entourage to some wedding ceremonies even being celebrated with a “pet version” ceremony.

More often though, pets are usually bought as “tag-alongs” by wedding guests.

For to-be weds with such guests in their guestlist, it pays to clear certain matters involving the bringing of their furry or scaly buddies.

Set the Rules – While not all pets are liable to be unruly, wedding ceremonies and receptions are known to have taken bad turns due to a present pet’s sudden fit, with some instances of two present pets starting a fight.

In ensuring that nothing like a cat or dog fight would interrupt your wedding, take the time in informing your guests about your wedding’s rules, from properly securing dogs with collars and leashes or making sure that cats won’t run wild during the course of a wedding ceremony.

Handlers and Caretakers – In unique cases, the services of professional handlers and caretakers are called upon in seeing to the seamless flow of wedding ceremonies, weddings who involve pets in the proceedings themselves.

Most common of such weddings would involve doggy ring bearers, and the services of professional trainers and animal handlers helps keep the ceremony going without encountering any snags.

On Exotic Pets – To-be weds have to draw the line when it comes to exotic pets, particularly venomous creatures – even if they are attributed to be “docile” or “safe”.

That plus, seriously, do you really want to have a giant tarantula or pit viper present during your wedding ceremony?

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