Great Durham Region Wedding Favor Ideas

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Thinking of wedding favors? You are in the right spot. There are a lot of wedding favors but here are five ideas so you can choose the best favors to have for your wedding.


First, do you like your wedding favor to speak about you and your partner as a couple? You can have wines with your picture as a couple. You can also give out CDs of you and your partner’s favorite songs or a sailboat if you both like to sail. These kinds of wedding favors would definitely remind your guests something about you as a couple.


Second, do you like edibles for your wedding favors? Edible wedding favors are popular because they can also desserts for your wedding. Some of these are chocolates, cakes, jams and cookies for a sweet new start.


Third, are you the type that likes little knick knacks? Knick knacks are cute little things that you can use as ornaments or small cute souvenirs. Some of these are cute couple figurines, lanterns, spoons and forks, salt-and-pepper and wine stopper-opener sets.


Fourth, are you and your partner nature lovers? If you go with nature, you can give seeds and small pots as favors. It would also mean that the guests are part of the love that blossomed and part of helping that love grow to its fullest.


Fifth, some brides think about budget when they plan so there are simple yet beautiful DIY favors that you can find in the internet, most especially, in wedding sites. There are also cheap favors that you can purchase online.


Choose well!

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