Wear A Vintage Wedding Dress for Your Wedding in Durham

An example of a vintage wedding dress.

An example of a vintage wedding dress.

If you are a local bride-to-be who aspires to look beautiful, stylish, unique, and unforgettable in your wedding photo in Durham, but feel a little bit budget-constrained, perhaps you might want to opt for a vintage wedding gown. Many brides-to-be nowadays are setting their eyes on vintage designs. Vintage wedding gowns can provide the same level of beauty and stylishness without being heavy on the budget. Plus, they make future brides look way more unique and unforgettable.

According to Rachel Leonard, the director of Brides magazine, there is now a market for old school wedding dresses. Combining retro and modern styles in wedding gowns has become big, be it the veil or the dress, or the cocktail hat, or even just the wedding shoes.

Leonard said that two styles have become very salable: the 1930’s Hollywood-inspired gowns and the 1950’s designs with the full skirts and tight waists. The trend for retro wedding gowns is partly because of the TV hit series Mad Men which created a desire for the formal gowns of the 1960’s.

In addition, Carmen Haid, operator of an online haven for vintage wedding gowns called Atalier Mayer, said that for the women who have hourglass body figures, 1950’s-inpired vintage wedding gowns would make them look stunning. Meanwhile, for the tall and slim women, there is nothing more flattering than slipping on an Ossie Clarke number from the 70’s.

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