Simon Cowell’s Mom Ecstatic About his Marriage

Simon Cowell Wedding

Simon Cowell Wedding

Apparently, American Idol’s ‘nasty’ judge was asked by no other than his own mother to get married already.

According to one source, Simon Cowell’s mother, Julie Brett, is very eager to see his son get married thus, she entreated him to tie the know with his long-time, Afghan-born girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy.  Simon’s Mom, the 84-year-old Julie Brett, once a ballet dancer and a socialite, publicly revealed that Simon asked Mezhgan to move in with him. Although the 50-year-old Simon Cowell has lived with his former girlfriends before, his mother is convinced that this time with Mezghan would be differerent; Simon has never asked anybody to move in with him.

It was reported that Mezghan Hussainy was recently spotted with a diamond engagement ring in her finger courtesy of Simon Cowell; however, Julie Brett told ‘Hello! Magazine’ that she has not seen the ring yet.

Cowell’s mom was delighted to hear about her son’s announcement that he has finally found “the one.” She said that she really thinks that marriage and fatherhood is finally going to happen to Simon Cowell. According to her, she wants to see an official engagement celebration, a formal wedding, and ultimately, grandchildren.

If this union between Cowell and Mezghan should happen, it is believed by many to become one of the most lavish weddings of the decade. One could only wonder how the wedding venues in Durham would compare to their expected, luxurious, future wedding venue.

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