Making the Most out of Beer for Your Wedding

Beer for Your WeddingWe all know the “intoxicating” merits of beer. But why limit ourselves when we can stretch the beer potential some more. In the land of hectic schedules and unforgiving deadlines, these unique twists could get you the wedding of your life in Durham Region.

Care for Beer Toasts Anyone?

Tradition says you do champagne toasts, true. But there is no law banning beer toasts. For one, it may not have the same level of sweetness compared to what the effervescent champagne offers, but it sure will get you to save a lot.

If you just decide to have it so.

Give Them a Beer Twist

Beer can give your wedding its own distinct mark.

For instance, you could serve the alcoholic beverage in whisky barrels. If you feel more adventurous a beer canoe will surely get your guests attention.

Of course, going the way of traditional vintage bar carts is also ok if you want your merrymaking well leaning to the traditional side of things.

And Some More

Then again, showing up with those canned Bud Lights or canned Coors may not be a good idea. This may remind your guests of their regular out-of-the-backyard thing.

You don’t have to be like the monks of old who brewed their own beer, though that would be a welcome idea. Many breweries sell their customers beer-making kits for customization.

In fact, you could also try your hand with shandy. Mix and match tastes with a half-beer-half-lemonade drink.

Exploring local breweries (scouring Google would help) may be a good start. IPA’s, a brewing style that started with the British out of necessity for their troops in India, or stout can add uniqueness to your merrymaking.

To note, American brewers have continually pushed the envelope in developing more strength and bitterness in their IPA’s.

Get Into Presentation Mode

For starters, get those kegs or barrels out in the open. They may not be as “classy” but they sure can give you a more cost-effective option. Consult your caterer to make it an adoring part of the display.

And while you’re at it, why not accentuate your tables with a beer centerpiece. It sure looks inviting (mouth-watering for some). Just don’t forget to chill it right though.

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