Is Simon Cowell Engaged?

Simon Cowell reminding you that you suck.

Simon Cowell is rumored to be engaged.

Reports suggest that the famous TV personality whom everyone loves to hate, Simon Cowell, might be engaged. Simon allegedly proposed to his 36-year-old girlfriend, Mezghan Hussainy, over dinner last Valentine’s Day at an exclusive London restaurant.

50-year-old Simon Cowell broke up with Terri Seymour a year and a half ago.

The engagement rumors started when Mezghan Hussainy, a make-up artist, was seen wearing a £250,000 diamond ring. Plus, a close friend of Simon reported that Simon seemed so happy this recent weeks. Mezghan and Simon have known each other for several years and they have gotten very close to each other. According to the source, Simon finally popped the question.

Furthermore, the source said that Simon knows that it’s the right time. It will be the one of the biggest showbiz wedding ceremonies in years.

The 50-year-old multimillionaire, Cowell, has long been known to be very protective of his money. He even once defined marriage as an obsolete contract. Surprisingly, he seemed to have changed his mind. When the news about his engagement broke out, his friends immediately gave their support.

Simon reportedly asked his friends to be quiet about the engagement because of what he said over the years. They think he is a little embarrassed about it.

Another source said that Simon is totally smitten by Mezghan, and he knows that there is nothing she wants more than to be married and start a family.

When Simon was interviewed this week by Piers Morgan, Cowell told the journalist that he thinks she is “the one.” Moreover, he spoke about wanting to have children with her, but he failed to deny or confirm the engagement.

This news sure is surprising because it pertains about someone who appeared to be totally indifferent about marriage. This just goes to show that you can never be too sure about a person. So to all the wannabe brides out there in Durham: don’t lose hope if your man hasn’t popped the question yet; that dream wedding venue in Durham might be closer than you think.

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