How to Prepare for an Outdoor Wedding in Durham Region

One of the most popular wedding venues is the outdoors. Why? Because outdoor weddings are romantic and beautiful as you infuse nature’s beauty into your wedding elements.Her Wedding Planner

However, beautiful as it is, having your wedding outdoors could have some additional cautions and pitfalls. To make your outdoor wedding successful, follow these simple tips:

1. Foresee the weather.
Think about what the weather will be like at the time and day of your wedding. If you anticipate what the weather will be like during your wedding, you will be able to have your guests comfortable. Like having fans for your wedding program or have ushers give ice-cold water bottles to guests as they seat. You could also install yards of filmy fabric draped overhead to create shade.

2. Have a Back-Up Plan.
A back up plan can help you get out of an embarrassing unpredictable situation in case it will unexpectedly rain during your wedding. Ideal outdoor weddings always have an indoor venue waiting as a back-up.

3. Prepare for Wind.
Aside from too much sun or unexpected rain, outdoor weddings can also suffer due to windy conditions. Make sure that your wedding dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses are not made of light fabric. Inform your hairstylist to have your “Do” wind-friendly. You can also inform your guests ahead of time so they can wear clothes appropriately.

4. Outdoor Sound System.
Make sure that every guest can hear what is going on in your wedding ceremony and reception. A good outdoor sound system can help your guests hear despite the loudness of the lake or sea waves, rushing of wind and kids running and screaming around.

Congratulations and enjoy your outdoor wedding!

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