Durham Region’s Festivals and Celebrations

folk dance 0025.jpgIf you think celebrating a wedding in Durham Region is bound to be without any flair or flavor, think again.

While it may not exactly boast tropical white sand beaches left and right, Durham Region is actually the host to a number of unique festivals and gatherings, each bound to have something of interest for soon-to-be-wed and newlywed couples alike.

The Festivals and Celebrations in Durham Region

Within Durham Region’s municipalities are distinct festivals and celebrations, each outstanding in their scope and being. Though not exactly aimed as wedding festivals, newlyweds and their friends and family are in for memorable experiences in taking part of any of them.

There’s the Raas Garba (Dandiya Dance) festival in Pickering, one which showcases the rich cultural treasures inherent in Durham. The Imagine Film Festival in Whitby is also another interesting occasion in Durham, one which is sure to be of interest for movie lovers.

Music lovers are bound to love the Kiwanis Music Festival in Oshawa, Whitby and in Courtice, just as Darklit Festival in Oshawa is sure to be an interesting experience not only for newlyweds, but for their wedding guests and family too.

Oshwa’s Fiesta Week is also considered as a calendar highlight in Durham Region, just as the Purple Woods Maple Syrup Festival in Oshawa is quite popular as it is quite famous.

All in all, to-be wed couples in Durham Region may not be able to find tropical beaches, but the region’s known lineup of festivals and celebrations are sure to be enough in making wedding celebrations fun and memorable.

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