Destination Weddings Are Getting Popular

The number of bookings for destination weddings in Alberta has significantly increased last year. AMA travel reports that destination weddings among Albertan couples have increased by 8 percent in 2009 from 2008’s already record-breaking number.

AMA Travel specialists alone booked 150 destination weddings which included traveling groups for up to 80 people.

According to Andrew Hopkyns, business director of development for AMA Travel, the main reason for this trend is the cost. He said that marriages aren’t affected by economic crises. People fall in love ang get married regardless of the economic status, but a wedding in Calgary in the month of June is very expensive. That is why most couples opt to have their weddings someplace else.

Travel Cuts office manager, Danielle Bruce, concurred to what Hopkyns said, citing that the cost is usually the deciding factor on where couples conduct their nuptials.

According to Bruce, when engaged couples plan their wedding venues, budgets, and guests, they often think about destination weddings. A destination wedding is suitable for those couples who have financially-able and participative guests, or for those who prefer to have a low-profile wedding with family members only.

For those couples who are not planning to have wedding venue in Durham, AMA said that the most popular wedding destinations are the Mayan Rivera and Punta Cana.

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