$1.3 Million Wedding Cake

A bakery shop and a jewelry store in Dallas, Texas collaborated to make a jewelry-encrusted cake that costs $1.3 million. The 9-tier wedding cake, embroidered with silver dust icings and 1,200 carats worth of diamonds, was created by Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange and Delicious Cakes.

Butch Stivers, owner of Delicious Cakes, said that he wanted to do something out of the ordinary for the year 2010. In this time of recession, he said that he wanted to exhibit a cake at the Dallas Bridal Show that would be give all the brides-to-be something to aspire for and distract them from whatever it is that’s going on.

The cake was displayed at the Dallas Bridal Show last weekend. It was made of foam, but if it were real, no cake from any catering service in Durham could match its attributes: it could weigh up to 70 kg, serve as much as 300 people, and with each slice costing more than $3000.

Although Stivers admitted that this is not the first time that he had decorated a cake with diamonds, he said that this is the first cake which he has spent $1.3 million worth of Jewelry.

Due to the high price of the cake, it had to be transported in an armored vehicle to the Market Hall with armed guards surrounding the perimeter.

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